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Knowledge Pest Management

Pest Control is a main focus of our business. We provide Once-A-Year pest control to protect your family and home and provide complete pest management.
  • We come in and remove all accessible electrical outlets and dust inside the wall voids.
  • We dust the plumbing voids which is where the plumbing comes into the house.
  • We then bait the cabinets in the kitchen and bath areas with a gel bait,
  • We then bait under the appliances such as the washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove and hot water heater.
  • We access your attic and dust it with Boric acid dust (with a power duster). Manufactures of Boric acid state that borates keep down fungi growth as well as bug activity.
  • We then spray the exterior base of the house, eaves, soffits, fascia and interior of the garage with a wetable powder.
  • We complete the service by spraying the shrubs and plant beds with a non-repelling spray.

Once we complete the service you will receive a magnet for your refrigerator so at anytime you have a problem you can call me at no additional charge for as many callbacks as needed. 

This contract covers ants, roaches, silverfish and spiders and provides complete Pest Control.
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