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Providing Resources for our customers is part of the Knowledge Pest Management pledge. 

Ants- Ants come from large colonies so we track them with baits to find out where they are coming from. Then we use a non-repelling product for them to forage through and interact with the colony. This creates an environment where there is total colony eradication.

Spiders- We broom down the webs in the interior and exterior. We then apply a wettable repellant to the soffits, fascia and base of the home as well as the garage ceiling and walls. 

Roaches- We apply gel bait to the cabinets, dust the plumbing voids while treating the kitchen cabinets and bath vanities.  

Termites (Subterranean)- We treat the entire structure with a non-repelling termiticide which the termites take back to their next for entire colony eradication. This procedure normally takes about 4 gallons of product per linear foot on the exterior of a normal house. It generally uses about 80 gallons of product for the average size house. Once it is done your house is then under a termite bond and its renewable and transferable. 

Termites (Drywood)- We can treat the infested area with a spot treat with borates or a non-repelling termiticide. 

Fleas, Ticks, Bedbugs and Palmettos bugs-  We can treat them all- Just call us today and let us demonstrate to you that we can be your resource for pest management. 
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